Forklift Hire

The Leading All Terrain 4WD Forklift Hire in Perth

It’s not always feasible or necessary to purchase, so you need a company that provides an alternate service with quality machinery. We are the leaders in forklift hire in Perth and are able to service you wherever you are throughout Western Australia. Our experience means that we can deal with any of your queries, and our staff are on hand to give advice on our wide range of products.

Container-handling forklift rental

BBS Forks Australia have one of the largest fleets of heavy-duty forklifts and container handlers in Western Australia. Whether you are working on a large scale mining project, or constructing a new oil or gas plant, the rentals we have at BBS will take on any job you have.

Diesel forks

We have a wide range of diesel options from 1-45t including brands such as Hyster, Toyota, Caterpillar and Mitsubishi just to name a few. You can select 4WD and all terrain options if necessary, too.

Diesel is a great choice for remote and dusty environments maintaining maximum reliability.

LPG forks

With a large range of LPG forklifts from 1t-7t, you can hire a fork suitable for in and outdoor usage with configuration to suit any work shop, warehouse or storage facility.

We supply all major brands for long and short term equipment hire.

Electric forks

BBS supplies a wide range of electric options from 1 to 5t, including walk behind, ride on and reach trucks. They are suitable for all applications such as warehousing cool rooms and other indoor applications, electrics are great for the environment and have super low noise levels.

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