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Used Forklifts

Perth’s Quality Refurbished Used Forklifts for Sale

If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to purchase a quality fork for your business, we have the perfect solution for you. Our second hand forklifts range in size and load capacity to suit whatever need you have.

Heavy-duty forklifts used for container handling and more

We have one of the biggest ranges of forks that cater for handling containers and other heavy-duty tasks in WA. From big mining projects to plant construction or one of the many ports here in WA, there’s nothing a BBS fork can’t handle. Our suppliers come from the world over, such as Singapore, Germany, the USA and right here in Australia.

Different fuels for different purposes

Here at BBS, we stock second hand forks with different fuel types in Perth to suit diverse requirements. For example, we have:


For the best results in a strictly outdoor (even dusty) environment with the added bonuses of costing little to run and being highly reliable, a diesel is the way to go. Our selection ranges from 1-45 tonne, manufactured by different leading brands.


Sites that require a fork to be used both indoors and out will be best off with an LPG-run fork. The range we have will cater for between 1-7 tonnes, and are brilliant when used in workshops, storage facilities and warehouses.


The cleanest and quietest option is electric. We have several types between 1-5 tonnes and inclusive of walk-behinds, reaches, and ride-ons. They’re ideal in many situations, and are environmentally-friendly.

Find out more about our range today

If you’re after further information in regard to hiring or second hand sales in Perth, call us on 08 9418 8715 today.

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